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To uphold the trust and confidence of the public on insurance investment and provide policy holders with return of utmost benefits of financial service and security


To establish a wide range of insurance products and programs and related services that could provide every Filipino family the security and protection it deserves.

Continuous and extensive studies and aggressive sales programs supported by strong determination and dedication to sustain the company's thrust toward the attainment of its vision and enhancing service.

PHILINTER is governed and administered under its Core Values (PILICI):

Providing high standard of service that defines support, trust, confidence in every engagement with clients to build a strong business relationship.

Protecting and maintaining good records in service and practice ethical standards in business with the commitment to improve and strengthen our foundation through time.


Upholding our responsibility with our clients to provide the best insurance program that equates with their desire and capacity as partners bind by trust and confidence.

Focused minds and collective efforts are the pillars of our business expand our horizon in knowledge and experiences to adapt in changing times.


Dedication and teamwork strengthen our actions to deliver truthfully and rightfully the returns of public investment.

Investing time and efforts to find new and productive means and avenues that would stretch and maximize the value of our resources in order to serve well our clients.
Board of Directors and Officers

Angel Ong

Jose C. Lee

John Oliver L.Pascual
Carlos Lee, JR.
Edwin C. Lee
Edmund C. Lee
Eric C. Lee
Carmelita Tan
Brenda Ortañez

Independent Directors:
Jesse Troutman
Gary Jason Santos

Corporate Secretary:
Irene C. Lee

John Oliver L. Pascual

Asst. Treasurer
Carmelita Tan

Vice President - Operation and Admin
rene C. Lee

Vice President - Finance
Fe S. Sioson

Vice President - Legal
Ramon Carpio

Medical Director
Dr. Gertrude SP. Gonzales

Executive Operation
Edgardo R. Corbe

Chief Accountant
Julieta D. Tamayo

Independent Actuary
Panfilo Dela Paz
Corporate Governance
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PHILINTER's Vision and Mission
Core Values:
Board of Directors
and Officers