GAYE A. PARCON Claimed June 6, 2021

Posted on July 10, 2021

Philippines International Life Insurance Company, Inc. (PHILINTERLIFE) will be celebrating its 65th Anniversary on July 6, 2021. With a networth of 1.1Billion in Philippine currency, it remains to be strong continuing with its mission to provide security and protection to Filipino families.

Recently, a claim was released to the beneficiaries for the untimely demise of a client who is in his late 20s, and his mother has this to say:

God led us to PHILINTERLIFE.

They provide excellent customer service living up to their slogan – BE SECURED. BE INSURED.

My son, Kevin died this year and so I filed a claim with PHILITERLIFE. Many say that filing an Insurance Claim is tedious as they will give you a roundabout. But with PHILINTERLIFE, I did not experience this. They are very responsive and helpful in providing assistance for the filing of our claim. Most of all, I was able to receive my claim in a short period of time.

I am secured with PHILINTERLIFE. I will definitely recommend this to my relatives and friends.” – GAYE A. PARCON


Source: PhilinterLife
Written by: Regina Ladra